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Disclaimer: This page have no comercial intentions. The pages contained on this site do not intend to infringe upon any ownership of copyrights or trademarks of Universal Studio, Renaissance Pictures, Flat Earth, Lucy Lawless or any other association with the show Xena Warrior Princess.

First of all
Xena's 'Fuck You!' FUCK YOU!
In case you're here to bother!

But if you come visit for a while just for fun and/or because you got nothing better to do then: Welcome you, Finally you get here!!

For the ones that dont know me, io sono Perséfone

To find me you can send me an e-mail to
or serch me on icq

Rules and regulations during your stay:

Thank You.

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es parte del anillo Xena en español

I know, I know, that webring was all in Spanish...why did you get there on the first place?
Folow this baby!

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Please complet this breve form, wont take you more than 5 min., that besides the feedback, you wont be a stranger to me anymore, after hours of programming it's sad to see my counter moving but not knowing who has visited me.
This is send by email so i'll know your email addy (HEY but you also know mine), but dont worry i dont like trash adverticing on my email either so dont worry, you wont get crap because of me.
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I know my english sucks so BE GENTLE! :D

About the images
And how bout sounds

Write any idea, doubt, comment or suggestion here (or dont write anything if you are that lazzy)